No. 7, Shree Sadafaldev Tower, College Stop, gollarahatti, Magadi Road, Bangalore - 560091

Admission open for the academic year 2023-2024.

Our Vision

The vision of Noble law college is to “grow with education”.

To provide humanistic legal education for transforming the youth for achieving the constitutional obligations.

Our long term objective is to become a leading Law college known for excellence in the field of legal education.

Noble law College envision as an institution that produces outstanding lawyers that shall have direct nexus with raising the standards of legal education.

To impart in-depth knowledge and expertise and innovative methods of teaching and learning to create a pool of resourceful, self motivated students.

To provide ideal academic atmosphere for the pursuit of excellence in legal studies.

Our Mission

Noble law college believes in disseminating legal knowledge in a resourceful way with a view to help in the nation’s development. To achieve this objective the College identifies the following steps:

To evolve and impart comprehensive legal education and to achieve excellence.

To promote advanced studies and research in all branches of law.

To sensitize the students of law regarding the various socio-legal issues of the country.

To inculcate cultural, legal and ethical values with a view to foster the Rule of Law and the objectives enshrined in the Constitution of India.

To raise legal awareness in the community for a greater social and economic justice.

To combine quality education with necessary input of practical training.

To prepare students for a variety of legal and law related career.

Principal Message

Legal profession occupies a dominant position is the present scenario. The college enjoys the recognition of the government of Karnataka, approval of bar council of India and affiliation of Karnataka state Law university.

The college is staffed by a team of highly qualified and well experienced faculty, members, committed to deliver quality Legal education to the students & groom them as good human beings & outstanding Law professionals.

The students are motivated of high moral, ethical & professional standards towards their Personality development & they are always encouraged to participate in all moot court events which has led them to expo their talents.

Many activities like legal literacy, legal aid, legal camps, legal awareness Programme and many interactive sessions by eminent persons are regularly conducted in the college which creates more interest and Enthusiasm among students.

The college is facilitated with excellent world class infrastructure equipped with latest gadgets, online national and international journals, E-library with latest textbooks & law journals

Sophisticated moot court hall, well equipped computer labs and furnished class rooms with facilities for LCD presentations by adopting innovative teaching technology.

The students may nurture their talents by eminent advocates and ensure that law is within the reach of laymen to the challenges in the modern and complex society.

Please feel welcomed to contact us if you have farther questions or wish to visit us

President’s Message

The Noble Law College has been serving the society with its clear vision, mission objectives and commitment to impart quality education. Located in the heart of city, the college is equipped with every facility which an institution must have for the all-round development of its students.

We are committed to provide state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities. A new building has been constructed to accommodate the ever-increasing number of students. The Library is fully equipped, spacious and well designed for study. Faculties are highly qualifies and experienced, defiantly you will create bench mark in Legal eternity Dear students, the college life is a unique period which we fondly remember throughout our life. So make maximum use of this time for planning your career, having fun and developing long lasting friendships. We look forward to your success in life and further association with the institution as proud alumni and successful citizens. Wishing you a bright future ahead.

Secretary Message

It is my proud privilege as a secretory for our college, to make a mention about Noble academic achievements, worthy to be recorded in the journey of our educational institution. The purpose of education is rightly performed by the institution by setting platform for the student community to face the competitive world with all their might and fortitude.

The Noble Law College management serves as the back bone of the institution in the process of making the students as responsible global citizen and contribute their best to the society and as well as legal fraternity. We strongly believe in hard work. There is no substitute for hard work more you work more you develop your ability to work and work without vision is a Journey without direction. A warm welcome to you, joins us to work with vision

Treasure’s Message

The Noble law college is an epitome of higher lecturing imparting value based, career oriented professional and law education. Over the years, it will grow into a leading education center widely recognized for its modern infrastructure, vibrant campus and academic excellence in fields of legal education. We believe in nothing sort of perfection and excellence our learnercentered teaching ensures that the student group concepts easily and retain them forever.

Through concerted efforts of the faculty and students, we have been successful in setting global bench marks in professional and law education in India